About Ashley

As someone who has personally experienced the massive difference between exercising to change your body versus exercising to heal and honor your body, I am so deeply passionate about showing others the advantages of that mindset. I want you to experience the profound benefits of a regular practice of movement, but most importantly, movement that teaches you to connect with your body, create space in your mind, and find that fire in your soul - or, as we like to call it, Kinnection ;). When I’m not teaching or wearing many hats behind the scenes, you’ll find me spending time with my family of five (which includes our dog, Chewy).

~Ashley Adam
Founder, Teacher, Lover of Kinnection

About Christan

Christan’s an ACE certified personal trainer and has been a Barre instructor since 2016. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, you will feel welcomed here with open arms. This welcoming, inclusive community is what keeps her motivated and passionate. Not only does she love the endorphins and relationships that come from Kinnect classes, she also loves chocolate, ice cream, and wine, sometimes immediately following the workout! Christan believes a well-choreographed class is bar(re) none, so every single class of hers is one-of-a-kind -- and so are her playlists! With her extensive knowledge in strength training, she will help you find the form and alignment safe for the way your body moves, get you moving with intention and power, and motivate you to challenge your limits safely and effectively. You’ll finish every class sweaty, happy, and proud of yourself. Outside of Kinnect, you can find Christan traveling the world (she’s currently living in Germany!) and spending time with her son, husband, and their boxer, Lucy!

~Christan Marchant, Creative Partner & Teacher

About Alexa

Alexa has been coaching and leading movement-based exercise for 25 years (yes, since she was a child)! She began teaching gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading in high school and college. When the years of tumbling on hard surfaces started to cause pain, she found yoga and naturally progressed to helping others heal in mind, body, and soul through that medium. As a former dancer, barre-based exercise was something that not only felt great in her body, but also sparked joy in her soul. She became a barre instructor in 2014 and gives credit to this practice and community for so much good in her life. There truly is nothing better than “kinnecting” to the beat of the music, challenging your body, being mindful, and letting the practice heal you from head to toe, inside and out. Alexa spends her daytime hours as a corporate lawyer, but feeds her soul through dancing to live music, being physically active in nature, consuming delicious food around the world, and giggling with her toddler.

~Alexa Zanolli, Teacher