The more whole we are, the more whole we make the world.



We are committed to the connection of mind-body-soul through movement (kinetic energy), connection to each other through community, and connection to the stardust living in all of us through meditation & mindful presence. We care about overall wellness through fitness. The more whole we are, the more whole we make the world.



Join one of our weekly live sessions on Zoom, where you'll immerse yourself in our community. We offer a variety of classes that are live-taught, as well as our signature (and customizable) Viewing Parties.



Breathe, move and Kinnect anytime, anywhere, no matter how busy you are. We have everything from 15 minute to 60 minute sessions, from barre to cardio to yoga, and meditations! The on demand library is updated weekly.



60 minutes of Kinnection outdoors at Balboa Park in San Diego, silent disco style!!! Kinnect your mind-body-soul with us in this powerful combo of barre, cardio, stretching, and meditation.



We offer a wide variety of class formats and lengths from 15 to 60 minutes, from barre to cardio to yoga and meditations. Read about some of our most popular classes below! Our priority is your safety through proper alignment, your strength through focused resistance work, and your overall health & wellness through movement, community, and fun!


Kinnect your mind-body-soul in our signature class, a powerful combo of barre, cardio, stretching, and meditation. This class is great for all levels.


Our 45 minute cardio class: Get your body moving, your heart pumping, and your soul expanding with our class designed to get you sweaty and happy! 


This class is designed for students who are new to Kinnect Fitness or students who are wanting to deepen the fundamental principles of their practice. Learn the alignment and modifications for our exercises, and explore the different options we have for your body.

The Saturday morning outdoor class is like my family's church. My husband and 16-yo daughter join me there weekly, as do our neighbors and an ever-growing group of friends, which makes it the perfect way to kick off the weekend. Ashley is always bringing new ideas to class so that we stay engaged and challenged. Also, I would argue that her music is better than you'll find in any other group fitness class. Her recent addition of a meditation at the end is icing on the cake, and might finally make me a meditation convert. It's wonderful to be able to model a love of fitness, community, and gratitude to my family. We all have different relationships to fitness and wellness - as well as different preferences for how we like to exercise - but the Kinnect 60 class on Saturdays satisfies us all every week, which is an amazing testament to Ashley's ability to teach and motivate different types of people. - Barb

Let me say, without exaggeration, that I wouldn't have survived the pandemic without Ashley. Her classes are thoughtfully choreographed and FUN (especially her signature dance parties). It's a thorough workout for your body and soul alike! Ashley cares deeply about her clients, and that's apparent in every class she instructs. I highly recommend Kinnect if you want to be part of a community and not just a box on Zoom. -Roxane

The impact that Ashley has made on my life this past year is profound. I moved to San Diego about a week before lock-down, and quickly found myself isolated and anxious. As the pandemic continued, Ashley brought us Zoom barre classes, health and wellness workshops, bookclub, outdoor classes, and even a pop-up facial night! These events, along with the consistency of the online workouts, got me through some very dark and tough days. She was somehow able to weave humor and anticipation into our weeks, and it always arrived just when I needed it most.  As we slowly transition into a life that looks more familiar, I am armed not only with a strong body, mind, and spirit, but new friendships and a deep sense of community. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Ashley’s nurturing spirit, boundless energy, and can-do attitude. I am grateful, truly and deeply… -Linda

By far, this is the best Barre practice you could ever join.  My introduction to Barre started nearly five years ago.  I was a distance runner and weight lifter and was suffering tremendously due to degenerative disc disease.  I could hardly move, let alone work out, and Ashley saved my life.  I never knew I could get such an amazing workout without heavy weightlifting or pounding the pavement mile after mile.  I did eventually have to have a spinal fusion, and had to say goodbye to my days of running and lifting, but I swear I don’t miss it because of Ashley and her crew and Barre.  I’m long, lean, strong and am able to workout without pain.  And, it’s truly become a practice.  I can’t live without it.  I love how it makes me feel and look, and can’t believe how strong and healthy my back is from this practice.  Beyond the amazing workout, Ashley and Kristan are the best instructors.  So motivating.  So real.  Cues are great and they always have words to share that boost me spiritually.  I don’t think I could have survived COVID without them.  My body knows when I’ve skipped a week.  It aches and doesn’t feel strong, and I miss the nurturing and support I get from this amazing Barre community.  Just join.  Now.  Don’t wait.  Your body and spirit will thank you. -Elizabeth

At a time in my life where self-care was non-existent and my fitness journey had come to a complete stop I discovered Ashley. There is a light she brings to every class. A calmness that washes over me as I clear my mind and follow along to her instructions. I had never done barre before but within a few classes my mind and body craved it. I saw changes that after 4 kids I never imagined possible. The sense of belonging and growing along side others is unparalleled. Showing up consistently is always the hardest thing to do but I know that once you do everything else fades away, you reconnect with yourself and you feel the burn! - Monica

About Ashley

As someone who has personally experienced the massive difference between exercising to change your body versus exercising to heal and honor your body, I am so deeply passionate about showing others the advantages of that mindset. I want you to experience the profound benefits of a regular practice of movement, but most importantly, movement that teaches you to connect with your body, create space in your mind, and find that fire in your soul - as we like to say, Kinnect ;). When I’m not teaching or wearing many hats behind the scenes, you’ll find me spending time with my family of five (our dog, Chewy, is considered one of my kiddos).

~Ashley Adam
Founder, Teacher, Lover of Connection

Our passion is Kinnection
~Kin (people/community/family)
~Kinisi (motion: in body, in mind, and in soul)
~Kinetic Energy (energy of motion)
~Connection (the essence of life)